Welcoming New Patients

New patients are always welcome in our office! Our staff will help gather all the information needed to book your appointment and to look up information from your insurance coverage.

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At Core Performance Chiropractic, we like to allow enough time to take care of your individual needs. On your first appointment, please expect to spend about 45 to 60 minutes in our office. We do new patient appointments on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:00 am or 1:00 pm.

Chiropractic Consultations

During your appointment, you'll sit down with Dr. St. Coeur and discuss what problems are bringing you in. Based off the information discussed, the doctor will discuss whether there is potential chiropractic care that could benefit your case.

Exams and X-Rays

The doctor will perform various tests and exams to get a better understanding of what could be causing your problems. If the doctor needs more information, he may also take x-rays (in our office).

Report of Findings

After collecting all this information, Dr. St. Coeur will discuss the exam results and how it relates to your case. He will also explain what he plans to do for treatment and recommend an individualized care plan. 


While this is usually an adjustment, it could also be corrective exercises and stretches, kinesiotaping, or functional rehab. You may also be given some things to do on your own time that will help maximize your care. 

Directions & Parking

We are located Downtown Port Huron on the corner of McMorran Blvd. and Michigan Street.

No need to worry about downtown street parking! We have our own parking lot behind our building, with entrances from both McMorran Blvd and Michigan Street. 

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